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One Million Trees – Uganda


Project Summary:

One million trees will be planted and tended in this highly deforested area of Uganda. Soil stabilisation will be restored once the Mbale area is reforested – putting an end to dangerous land slides. Local community awareness of the advantages of tree planting will be raised in order to increase climate change resilience.

This project will help 5 coffee co-operatives to grow shade trees to protect coffee crops, support over 30 villages to establish tree nurseries, and work with over 1,600 families.

Latest News:

The project is being implemented in 3 Districts that make up the Mbale region of eastern Uganda: Mbale, Manafwa and Bududa Districts. The implementing partners have designed a shared monitoring scheme to strengthen practices on the ground by regular site visits to assess and improve on current practices.

The Mbale region of Uganda experiences two rainy seasons. The project planned to have seedlings at the right level of maturity for planting out at the onset of the next and biggest rainy season due in March/April 2011. The season has been extremely dry which has been very challenging for the new tree nurseries as nearby rivers have dried up and water has had to be carried further. This has meant some loss of seedlings, but the groups are optimistic that the numbers can be made up as they expand the nurseries. All four groups have now set up their tree nurseries and started producing seedlings, there were 56 nurseries established by January 2011. They have also all been carrying out awareness raising activities about climate change and trees and nursery management . Nursery equipment has been delivered. A monthly reporting system is in place.

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